Reliance Hook and Ladder Co. #1 is part of the Upper Chichester Fire Department located 15 miles southeast of Philadelphia, PA. The department is made up of three volunteer fire companies - each station operating with its own budget. Reliance serves as the truck company for Upper Chichester Township, but is not limited to Truck Company Operations.


Reliance Fire Company Photo of The Day

Hung Jury Band Playing live
Friday, November 21, 2014
Tickets are now on sale for the HUNG JURY Band tickets are $20.00 per person and will include: beer wine soda & food. Cash Bar will be available. Don't miss out on this event!

For tickets please call Robin McGhee at 302-246-0078. You can also contact Brandy via Facebook. You can Visit their site at

Bathroom fire at Taco Bell
Friday, August 1, 2014
At 1732 hrs, fire companies were dispatch to the Taco Bell on the Conchester for a building fire. Tower 61 went responding right after dispatch with a crew of 4. 61-9 arrived on location, followed by Tower 61, with nothing showing. Crew from the Tower entered the building to find a smoke condition in the bathroom, and a small fire inside. Tower 61's crew quickly extinguished the fire and the call was held to the Tower and Engine 40 for ventilation. Firefighters remained on location awaiting the fire marshal.

Tying the knot...
Bubba and Bekah
   Bubba and Bekah
Wednesday, July 30, 2014 
Captain Brandon "Bubba" Smith and FF/EMT Rebekah Childs publicly announced their engagement. Bubba and Bekah are planning to be married on 12-13-14! Congrats to both of them and best wishes for a happy future together.

Will Lee returns
Yoshi and his family
   Yoshi and his family
Wednesday, July 30, 2014 
William Lee, aka Yoshi, has just finished a 30 day leave from the Marines, and returned to Camp Lejeune last evening. A bunch of members met for dinner at the firehouse, which was prepared by Deputy Chef (or Chief) Mike Bannon, last evening to wish Yoshi a farewell! While Yoshi was on leave, he was able to make 33 calls. Yoshi has 13 months months left until he will be discharged. Hopefully Yoshi will be joining us in November for our banquet.

61 House to West Chester Burn Tower
Saturday, July 19, 2014
Today the Crews from 61 spent the day at the West Chester Burn Building Number One. Crews practiced Handline advancement into the building, Basement Fires, Stairway Advancement and different styles of fire attack. Crews also deployed Ground ladders. Great job to everyone operating at the training tower.

President Bender Run For Boston
Wednesday, March 26, 2014 
The Officers and Members of Reliance would like to congratulate our President Steve Bender on completing his segment of One Run For Boston. It is a run across the US helping to raise money for the victims who were involved in the Boston marathon bombing. Bender us here back home are proud of you and your support in this cause!

Taken from

One Run For Boston made running history by becoming the first ever non-stop relay to run across America from Los Angeles to Boston.

Over 2000 runners helped complete the 3300 mile journey.  They raised $91,000 for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings and an inspirational running community was born.

One Run For Boston was set up by three British runners who wanted to show their support for those impacted by the bombings.  They had no idea if the relay would work, let alone take off in the extraordinary way that it did.

One Run For Boston became a symbol of hope and positivity that inspired a powerful grassroots movement that continues to unite the running community. 

In 2014 One Run For Boston returns to blaze an even brighter trail across America

Busy night for Reliance
Tuesday, February 18, 2014
Tonight Tower 61 responded to 1800 mill road for a fire alarm, Upon arrival under direction of 61-9 crews found the alarm tripped by un attended cooking. Crews set up positive pressure and cleared the apartment. As the apartment was clearing out there was reports of an unconscious person. 9a Along with ff. cardwell than began an assessment on the patient until the arrival of an EMT from Boothwyn and paramedics. Tower 61 while returning to the station received a copy and respond to the Drexel ct. apartment for a gas leak outside. Assesing the situation it was determined that the cause was due to an underground arching wire. crews Taped off the area and stood by for PECO.

Upper Chi Box
Thursday, February 6, 2014 14:58
Company 61 was dispatched to 3500 Greenwood ave. For the Building fire Upper Chi Car 1 Arrived on location with heavy smoke showing from the rear of the house. Tower 61 and Engine 40 Arrived on location and engine 40 went in service with the 1 3/4 handline. The crew from tower 61 began throwing ground ladders and went to the roof for ventalaton. tower crew than placed 4 4X4 holes in the roof Crews made quick work of the job. Good job to all on scene. Thanks to Engine 47 & Ladder 48 for covering our station.

Tower Assists 66 on working fire
Photo Complements Tallyville active crew facebook page
   Photo Complements Tallyville active crew
      facebook page
Saturday, February 1, 2014
Today we were dispatched to assist Bethel Township on the Working House fire at 1659 Wisteria way. The crew from tower 61 assisted with ground ladders and checking for extension in the B side Exposure. Truck 66 went into service and made a quick knock on the fire.

New Officers for 2014
Friday, January 3, 2014 
New officers for Reliance Hook & Ladder Co. 61 as of January 1, 2014. Administrative Officers of Reliance are President Steve Bender, Vice President Andy Maher, Recording Secretary Brandy Beauchamp, Corresponding Secretary Shirley Smith, Financial Secretary Jackie Maffei, Treasurer Robin McGhee, Trustees Jim smith, Mike Bannon, Jerry Gaspero, Tom Adams Sr. and John Bannon. Line officers for Reliance are Chief Mike Byrne, Deputy Chief Mike Bannon, 1st Assistant Chief John Bannon, 2nd Assistant Chief David Zeigler, Captain Brandon Smith and Chief Engineer Jim Smith.

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